LED Lighting For Homes & Businesses

LED lighting options have become a very good choice over the last few years. With advancement in technology, LED lighting LED Lightingfixtures & bulbs are more advanced and manufacturing cost are reducing. Today and in the future LED lighting bulbs & fixtures will continue to grow in popularity & demand. Security Electric understood the benefits of LED lighting to the environment early. We are now a premier source for both homeowners and businesses for new installs and upgrades to LED lighting products. Our Led lighting provides

Energy Efficiency- Compared to traditional lighting sources, Our LED lighting is extremely efficient, using between 40% and 70% less electricity. This translates into a significant reduction in annual energy costs.

Long Life- Our LEDs last multiple times longer than incandescent light sources. LEDs emit a steady stream of light without generating excess heat present in incandescent bulbs, resulting in a long, steady operational life.LED Lighting

Choosing the Right LED Lighting

LED lighting comes in warm white (similar to the warm, comfortable color of an incandescent light) or daylight white (similar to a cool white fluorescent light). Choose between warm white and daylight thoughtfully. Warm white bulbs emphasize reds and yellows and daylight while emphasizes greens & blues. Placement of your fixtures can make a difference in you overall lighting effect. For your best results consult with one of Security Electrics trained LED lighting specialists.

LED Lighting Cost

LED Lights use a fraction of the energy of other lights, half that of fluorescent lights and less than one-fourth that of incandescent lights. LED LED Lightingbulbs have a long life span, several times the life of a fluorescent bulb and ten times, or more the life of an incandescent bulb. LED lighting doesn’t contain toxic materials that require special disposal. LED lighting turns on immediately, no warm-up time and generate less heat.

When all the facts are added up, LED’s are clearly the best choice. Their longevity and energy efficiency, long-term savings and choice of color add up to a great investment. A bit of care choosing the right color and length of bulb leads to years of clear, beautiful lighting.

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LED Lighting

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