Standby and Backup Generators

StandGeneratorsby generators simply can’t be beaten as a backup power generator for the safety and comfort at your home or business. However buying and installing a standby generator isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The single most important thing to determine when choosing a backup power system is how many watts you will need in an emergency. Since the electric consumption of many devices is variable, there are three basic generator sizing requirements: continuous (running) watts, peak (startup) power and surge current capabilities. A properly sized and installed generators can help reduce or even eliminate

  •  The impact or rolling power outages
  •  Losing power to your security systems or corporate computer  systems
  •  Lights going out when the utility power fails
  •  Power going out when you’re away from home or your business

What Size Standby Generator Is Right For YouGenerators

Determining your needs based on your consumption doesn’t need to feel complicated or confusing. If you are one of the many homeowners or businesses searching for backup power generators we can help:

  • Determine Your Backup Needs
  • Choose the Right Size Standby Generator Model
  • Provide a Complete Written Estimate
  • Complete a Full Service Installation and Warranties on Parts & Labor
  • Handle All Ongoing Maintenance & Services

Security Electric is proud to be a certified dealer for Cummins Onan standby generators. Of course, as certified generator specialists, we’re also one call away should you ever have any problems. Whether we installed your standby generator or if you purcGeneratorshased your generator elsewhere, we’re happy to come out for routine maintenance or full-service repair.

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Be Prepared this time! You simply can’t beat a standby generator for the safety and comfort of your home or business needs. Serving all of Southwest Florida from Marco Island north to Pt Charlotte, Security Electric is here to help you keep the power on when you need it the most. To receive a comprehensive estimate of your standby generator needs complete our online request form. For the fastest response please call our main Ft Myers office at (239) 433-0939.


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